Did you know?
  • 40 Betpoints for logging in
    You can get 40 Betpoints every day simply by logging in
  • Betting without hazard
    Bet Credits in competitions without hazard for hundreds of euro and other prizes every month
  • World Championship
    Every year we organize the World Championship in betting with prize pool of € 20,000
  • Competitions for Betpoints, trips or tickets
    Every week you can compete for Betpoints, trips or tickets in chat or in global dissucsion
  • 120 Credits for 40 Betpoints
    You can exchange Betpoints for Credits at a ratio of 1:3 and use it for non gambling bets
  • Medals and trophies
    Win trophies and medals for winning competitions that you can display on your profile
  • Additional Credits
    You can get up to 10 additional Credits for writing comments in match discussions
  • Information about competitors
    You can follow the profile of the players to see how much they can potential win and how many tickets they have still in the game
If you forgot your password, write down your email and we will send you new one