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TIPFACE is a social betting website for tipsters, bookmakers and sports fans. What is BETFACE, how it works and what kind of benefits it offers? The following five articles sum it all up:




  • These are the main currency of BETFACE. Logging in once per day to TIPFACE nets you 40 Betpoints (a day is the period between 00:01 AM and 11:59 PM). You may also net additional Betpoints by accomplishing tasks in the left “Betpoints” column.
  • Betpoints are a virtual currency used by our social network. You may exchange this currency for Credits (via the “Currency exchange” function in the upper right corner of the page). Credits may be used to place bets in non-gambling games which can be found in the TIPPING section. These may net you some real winnings. Winnings vary from tournament to tournament. List of winnings is always displayed in a tournament leaderboard. Betpoints may be also used to make purchases in our eshop. While making a purchase, you may also use your Discount amount.




  • A number of competitions are held each month.
  • You may place bets using Credits.
  • Winnings are not credited to your account’s balance. Winnings are represented as a leaderboard point value. Financial or other winnings are then paid out according to the respective player position on the leaderboard.
  • Single Tipface users or teams of Tipface users may both participate in tournaments. Tournament winnings may be financial, tangible or they may be expressed as an XP amount (i.e. experience). XP consequently nets profits (find out more about XP).




  • This section offers a number of competitions. Winnings may be financial or tangible. Competitions include numbers games, sports quizzes or tipping games. You may compete for financial winnings, admission tickets, mobile phones, flight tickets or laptops each day!




  • Earn XP (more about that here) by participating in as much competitions possible and by securing high leaderboard positions. Climb the Hall of Fame leaderboard to secure ANNUITY! You may earn as high as thousands of EUR or tangible prizes!




  • Eshop offers a number of products which may be purchased by spending Betpoints, our virtual currency. Do not be alarmed by high cost of the items. When making a purchase, you may apply a Discount that is earned by winning certain competitions and tournaments. You may earn discount if your ticket wins, or according to your XP amount.




  • New users should try and earn as much credits or Discount amount possible. Therefore, you should not pass on the possibility to recommend TIPFACE to your friends. Make use of your social sites and email contacts. Share Tipface with your friends to earn Credits, Betpoints or Discount points.



Any questions? Do not hesitate to contact our support (right upper corner of the page). Or you may send us an email.