Informations and competition rules

You will receive 40 Betpoints each day that you log in to the site. You may save your Betpoints in order to purchase items in the E-shop section, or you may exchange them in the “Tipping / Currency Exchange section for Credits. Credits serve for placing bets in non-gambling competitions. Winnings are not in the form of Credits, but in points, that serve to place players on competition leaderboards, which are, when the competition ends, used to calculate winnings. That means when you place a bet, you will spend the Credits, it does not matter if you win or lose. Each user decides how to use the daily Betpoint amount (it’s upon the user to decide if he or she exchanges Betpoints into credits in order to participate in one or more competitions, or if the user decides to save Betpoints for an eshop purchase, or for a tournament).



  1. Credits are the betting currency. They can’t be obtained by a direct purchase for money. They can be obtained only by exchanging Betpoints, which are a gift bestowed on the players by the site’s provider as token of gratitude for fulfilling goals and for player activity on the TIPFACE social network.
  2. Each day, a user may bet an unlimited amount of Credits and tickets, provided the tournament in question is not limited in this way. Such a limit is always displayed when a user browses the tournament’s description.
  3. Each match open for tipping has its own odds that are determined by the provider. The bet amount is multiplied by the odds. These offers are published in the “Tipping” section.
  4. In the case of “scratching” (i.e. the game is interrupted before its set end time), the corresponding bets of that match are cancelled on the ticket and the odds are amended.
  5. If a match is abandoned, cancelled or postponed, or if there is a reason to believe that the match started before the set date, the corresponding bet will be cancelled on the ticket, or the whole ticket will be deemed void (if the ticket contains only one tip). This applies to matches, that were concluded when the user placed the bet.
  6. Ticket is evaluated each day, in the afternoons and evenings. If an error occurs while evaluating a ticket, users may lodge a complaint via the online support.
  7. If the ticket is evaluated as the winning one, points are added to the user’s account. Points are not cash, but a virtual currency that determines player positions in a leaderboard.
  8. Leaderboards can be found in the “Tipping / Leaderboards” section.
  9. When a competition is concluded, the corresponding leaderboard (i.e. winnings) are re-set.
  10. Users are paid out within 30 days since the end of the competition. The amount can be found in the “main wallet” section in the upper left corner. A user then may send winnings from this wallet to his account. Tangible prizes or items purchased in Eshop will be sent to the user within 90 days since the end of the competition.
  11. If you have any questions, our online support is fully at your disposal.
  12. The first xy users of the prize leaderboard will be awarded by the provider according to the table in the “Tipping / leaderboards” section.
  13. User may ask his winnings to be paid out on his or her Tipsport or Fortuna account, using the online support feature in the “Tipping” section.
  14. Users are prohibited by using one machine with multiple accounts. We log both IP and MAC addresses. In case of the breach of this rule we delete such profiles. Note that in such cases users are not entitled to any financial compensation.


Basic tipping terms (tipping modes in the odds offer)



   home team wins in the regular time period


   home team did not lose in the regular time period


   tie wins


   away team did not lose in the regular time period

0-1 goal

   0-1 goal, total in one match

1-2 goals

   1-2 goals, total in one match


   3 or more goals, total in one match


   maximum of 5 goals total in one match


   maximum of 6 goals total in one match


   maximum of 7 goals total in one match 


   maximum of 5 goals total in one match


   6 goals or more total in one match


Different amounts of goals or points (out of the table) may be added to the odds offer. The betting mechanics stay the same. For example, -9.5g (less than 9 goals total).

Odds offer can be supplemented with different number of goals and points (outside the table) with the same principle of bets. For example, -9.5 g (less than 9 goals total)