Credits are a virtual currency used on Tipface. Credits serve as a currency for placing bets in non-gambling games in the Tipping section. User can earn Credits by using the Currency exchange function in the upper right corner of the page (by clicking on the “CURRENCY EXCHANGE” button). 1 Betpoint is worth 3 Credits. If a user holds a winning ticket, such winnings are expressed in points that are expressed as a user’s position on the given leaderboard. Such points are therefore not added to your Credit balance (as you are used to with winnings netted by successful gambling bets).


Therefore, the game is fair even to newcomers, because a TIPFACE veteran would spend all their credits by betting, so he would have the same starting conditions as any newcomer.



How can I earn Credits?




 1 Betpoint is worth 3 Credits, 5 Discount points are worth 1 Credit.


  1200 Credits

 Reward for recommending Tipface to your friends – Click here for more.


     2 Credits

 By giving a tip or for writing a comment to matches  (10 per day maximum).


  500 Credits

 You may win competitions that may be found in the Global discussion section.


  X Credits

 You may earn hundreds or thousands of Credits by participating in various competitions.


  60 Credits

 Earn as much as 60 Credits per day if your tips prove to be successful.



Earn rewards
Recommend Tipface to your friends and Get Paid! Earn 10000 credits for each succesfull referral. Or share our promotional messages on Facebook.