Discount is a value displayed in a user’s account. Only you can see how high is the discount value on your profile. Discount is earned in the form of a percent value that corresponds to the XP amount earned in competitions in the Global discussion, or by securing a position in non-gambling tournaments in the Tipping section. What is the equation used to calculate Discount from XP? Discount amounts to 10% of the earned XP (applicable only to winning tickets).


What purpose does Discount serve?


You may use Discount while making a purchase in the eshop, or you may exchange it for Credits, that are used for placing bets in non-gambling games in the Tipping section. Betpoints can be earned by winning, while Discount is earned by tipping and by winning competitions. Therefore, it’s more advantageous to use Betpoints to place bets in non-gambling games.

Soon you’ll be able to use Discount to improve odds on a ticket (bonification). This service is, however, being prepared, therefore is currently unavailable.

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