Experience - XP

XP illustrates an amount of experience (hereinafter “xp” – experience). A user may earn 1-999 levels. You need proportionally more points to achieve a new level.  To achieve a new level, a user may do the following:

  1. Winning tickets – the exact amount of xp that each winning ticket nets is calculated according to an internal equation. The main factor being odds. This limits those users who place bets worth thousands of Credits.
  2. Securing a position on a tournament leaderboard – a user receives a certain amount of xp after the tournament is concluded and evaluated. The winner always gains 1000-150,000 xp (according to the tournament’s prestige). Each subsequent place is worth 10% less (i.e. second place earns 900 xp, third 810 xp and so on). The amount of XP that each tournament is worth is always visible.


What are the advantages of a higher level?


  • More prestigious tournaments – high level players are able to participate in MASTERS TOURNAMENTS or WORLD TOURNAMENTS and compete for attractive prizes and thousands of EUR. These tournaments are held once per year.
  • Luxury cruises, trips and rewards – users with the highest levels (at least with level 50) earn various rewards ranging from paid trips, flight tickets, admission tickets and vouchers, he or she may be given priority over other users when exchanging Betpoints for money.
  • Annuity – the best users may secure an annuity that is paid out each month and can amount to hundreds of EUR.
  • A user can earn a Bookmaker title that will be used in the gambling section, which will be introduced in Q1 2017. This title will undoubtedly guarantee an advantage to regular profits.


Earn rewards
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