In the non-gambling section, a user may compete as himself, or he or she may create a team and participate in team competitions. A team may be created in the HOME | MY TEAM section (in the left menu). Any user may create his or her own team and invite another 8 users to join.


How to create a team?

It’s simple. Just click the “my team” section, fill in the team name and confirm.


How to join a team?

Team captain can send you an invitation, even if you are not friends on Tipface. If you had not received any invitations, you may create your own team, or contact other users, for example in the Global discussion section, or on chat.


How do teams work?

Team members participating on a competition play the said team competition as themselves, i.e. it’s the usual way. The difference is that the winnings of the participating players add up and their team rises in the leaderboard of the given competition. Winnings are then divided among the players who participated in the competition.


Who is a team captain and what can he do?

The team captain may send invitations to other players. He may also kick out players out of the team, using the Members section. In the Management section, you may give captain’s rights to another player, and change the team’s logo or picture.


When a user may be kicked out of the team?

Any time. However, bear in mind that by kicking a player out of the team, your team will lose all the points that the said player earned in competitions. If a player decided to leave on his own accord, the team will still keep all the points he earned. This is a safety precaution to protect both team and players in such cases when one side may leave from a purely financial standpoint. If a player is kicked out within 30 days of the stated ending date of the team competition, he or she is entitled to ask Tipface to reinstate his or her team membership. These incidents are evaluated by Tipface on the case-by-case basis. Tipface may act if there is a reasonable chance that a team member would be kicked out of the team purely on the basis of calculating winnings.


How many players may a team comprise of?

The number of users in a team is for the moment set to 8.


How many players may participate in a single competition?

Each competition has a set limit of members who can participate in it. Some competitions, for example, may be set to 2-player teams only, while the other ones may allow up to 6-player teams to participate. Minimal number of members that can participate in a competition is 2.


A team may be as large as 8 members. So why the majority of competitions allows fewer members than that?

Since April, each team has also their own XP leaderboard. Teams with more members may divide their Credits in a more advantageous way and participate in multiple competitions at once. Teams with more members have a chance to collect more XP. That way they may hope to be counted among the best teams in the world. Since June, teams may earn annuity worth hundreds of EUR each month! Team captain assigns players to participate in various competitions. Users may then accept or decline the Captain’s assignment.


Is power balanced between larger and smaller teams?

Each competition has a daily bet limit. For example, each team may place bets up to 400 Credits in the X competition per day. This limit is divided between the number of team members who participate in the competition. For example,. the XY team has 8 team members. The Team Captain invites 4 players to participate on the X tournament. That means the team’s players may place bets up to 100 Credits each in this competition. Meanwhile the team that enters with 2 players may place bets up to 200 Credits per day, per player.


Is there an advantage or disadvantage of having a bigger team?

Both approaches have their merits. It’s up to players to decide on a suitable strategy. This makes this section more interesting. Bigger team has more options (each player places different bets) and may participate on more tournaments at once. This can secure annuity to the team. The annuity feature will be launched in June. A smaller team is more likely to cooperate well, there will be less “bad blood” or anger towards the Team Captain, who assigns players to participate in tournaments.


Is it more advantageous to sign more players in a tournament?

The daily limit is divided between a number of team members who participate in the competition. More signed-in players have a small advantage: 4 players collect more Credits than 2. They are also likely to fully use the daily limit. On the other hand, a smaller number of players participating in a tournament means higher winnings. Tournament winnings are divided according to the number of players that participated in the said tournament.


If I own an 8-player team and 3 of our players have won some money, who earns that money?

Money are always divided equally between the players who participated in the competition until its conclusion. The team itself earns XP that counts towards the position in the team leaderboard, profile medals and other bonuses, which will be revealed in Q4 2016.


When can one participate?

A new team tournament starts each month. The tournament then runs for 3-9 months (according to the amount of winnings). Winnings can be as high as 50,000 EUR,


I can’t seem to find a team!

You may use the “Recruitment” option which can be found in the “My team” section. This way you may put up an add with the request to be accepted to a team. Team Captains will see this ad and offer you to join their teams. If they're interested, they’ll send you an invitation that will instantly appear in the “My team” section. It is encouraged to add some additional information to the ad. For example, how long have you been betting, or which sport is you favorite, betting-wise. You may also respond to an ad of a team who seeks more members.


I can’t seem to find players to join my team!

You may use the “Recruitment” option which can be found in the “My team” section. This way you may put up an add that you’re seeking players to join your team. You may also make use of the list of players who are seeking a place in a team.


What kind of team tools are available?

Tipface allows team members to track the team’s overall activity, and also to see detailed statistics of their fellow team members. You may easily see how each team members are performing.



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