To earn winnings on, you don’t have to place any gambling bets of any amount, nor are you required to bet the winnings that you’ve earned. Despite all that, you may earn prizes and enjoy experiences worth may thousands of EUR. In this section, user XP, profile age or Credits do not matter. You and only you alone decide your winnings!


How to participate?

It’s easy. Just click the “Competitions” section in the upper menu and answer questions that are a part of the competitions. In the upper section, you may switch between various competitions. This gives you a chance to compete for multiple prizes at once.


How much can I win?

There are multiple types of competitions. For example, in the Pyramid competition, where only your knowledge is the deciding factor. On the other hand, the Little Crown competition is a game of chance, where your numbers are the key to success. Other competition is called “Guess what the answer would be”: For example, a number is displayed in the upper right corner. “0/10”. The first number is the number of correctly guessed answers of the competition. The second number is the amount of correctly answered questions required to win the main prize.


When I reach the needed number of correct answers, does that mean I win?

Yes. But if there is a tie, when one or more players reach the needed number of correct answers in the same day, a next question decides. Main prize can be awarded to only one player. The competition is not concluded until only a single player with the highest number of correctly answered question remains (bear in mind he or she has to also reach the minimal amount of answers required to win the prize).


What kind of prizes can be won?

The competition is always named according to the prize in stake. It may be a laptop, a tablet, a PC, but also flight tickets, vouchers, a paid trip or a combination of cash and an amount of a Tipface virtual currency. The full prize description may be found on the right side of the competition, next to the picture. Note that the pictures that represent the prizes are for illustration purposes only.


How often are questions published?

Questions are published until 3:00 PM. If a new question is not published until that time, you won’t have wait for that question to appear for the given day. Note that question may not be published daily.


What is the difference between these competitions and competitions in the Global discussion section?

The “Competition” section offers more attractive prizes, but the competitions tend to run longer. On the other hands, each player is equal (here XP, or other factors, does not matter).


What should I watch for?

If you use multiple accounts on one machine, your accounts will be blocked when the competition ends. Only one user per machine is allowed at the moment.

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