What is the required bet amount in this numbers game?

This is not a gambling game with a required amount of financial or virtual currency bets. Each user may enter one ticket per draw.


How it works?

Little Crown comprises of multiple draws (you may switch between them in the upper panel). Each draw differs by the amount of tipped numbers. This competition differs from the similar ones in one way: the amount of numbers is set. While in DRAW 1 you have to place 7 numbers, for example, in DRAW 2 you are allowed to place only 4 numbers. Each DRAW offers different prizes for the amount of correctly guessed numbers. Players may place only one ticket per draw.


How are the draws performed and when?

The time of a draw is generated randomly, each day on a different time, according to the individual draws:

  1. DRAW in 3:00 PM.
  2. DRAW in 9:00 PM.
  3. DRAW in 10:00 PM.
  4. DRAW in 7:00 AM.
  5. DRAW in 7:00 PM.

(Draw times may be subject to change, in such case this is reflected in the rules).


When can I enter another ticket?

  1. DRAW in 00:01 AM.
  2. DRAW in 2:00 PM.
  3. DRAW in 7:00 PM.
  4. DRAW in 1:00 AM.
  5. DRAW in 6:00 AM.


Draw times and ticket entry times differ because some DRAWS are meant for the most active Tipface users. Prizes of each draw differ. They are always displayed in the right column of the page. The main prize is always the Jackpot. Its amount is raised by each draw. However, even one correctly guessed number triggers a prize!


Where can I found the entered ticket?

Each DRAW displays the last 10 draws. We’re working on the full history feature at the moment.


Important information:

If JACKPOT is won by multiple users in the one draw, the prize is divided equally between the winners. This applies only to the JACKPOT prize.


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